Multi-channel Retailing

be a smarter retailer,

offer your product where your customer wants to shop


The internet and digital marketing has enabled business buyers and consumers to explore all available channels in order to obtain the most appropriate product or service for their needs. Increasingly buyers choose a number of channels simultaneously – in store, call centre or website – rather than to restrict themselves to one channel. This increased buyer power provides businesses with unprecedented new opportunities to rethink strategic business models, processes and relationships.
Multichannel retailing provides accessibility for businesses and consumers to purchase the products that they require whenever they want to shop – a seamless experience that enables the shopper to enjoy a consistent experience with the brand regardless of where the purchase is made whether  in store, catalogue, call centre or on-line.
JSP Media can help to integrate your internet based sales platforms. With our experience in e-commerce we can help you determine the multi internet channels available to you including your own e-commerce platforms with targeted markets, Ebay stores, Amazon web store or specialist target market platforms.

With a fully managed e-commerce platform you can grow your business whilst JSP Media manage your e-commerce, making adjustments to your digital marketing and search comparisons to enable the best return on your investment.