Email Marketing

email marketing – a cost effective solution to deliver your message - instantly

Email provides a tremendous opportunity to communicate with your new and existing customers. JSP Media email broadcast service provides you with a complete managed email communication service to email newsletter, catalogues, announcements, press releases and messages to encourage sales or create a response, for example signing-in to a service.

Both at home and at work, anybody who uses the internet undoubtedly also has access to email, so personalised emails provide a great marketing opportunity.

email marketing is cost effective
Although there are costs involved in email marketing, for example copy writing, design, production and delivery, these costs are considerably lower than direct mail.

personalised emails help you build relationships
Customers can respond to emails at their leisure and are not seen as intrusive. A well planned campaign can help create and strengthen customer loyalty.

email marketing is pro-active
We can help you to create a proactive marketing campaign, delivering your message directly to interested customers, rather than relying on them to find you.

email can provide timely results
Unlike traditional direct mail, both the sending of email marketing and the results fit into a much smaller window of time, creating opportunities that traditional direct mail could not offer.

email marketing is quick to produce
Our email marketing broadcast service can quickly produce and launch a major marketing initiative for you enabling your customers to receive information almost immediately.

email can accommodate hyperlinks to more details
From a simple email your customers can be directed to a whole host of further information on the website, printed material via a PDF download or be prompted to reply via a specially created response form by using a hyperlink.

email is an agile marketing tool
Email marketing enables you to send to a segmented and targeted audience with easily varied content to customers on your distribution list, this can be split through geographical location, purchase history, gender, age or indeed any number of differentiating factors.