AdWords & Pay Per Click

targeted website advertising with Google AdWords

By understanding your business through careful consultation, JSP Media can help you build a pay per click on-line advertising campaign.

By using products like Google’s AdWords, we can help you create a targeted reach for your advertisement, focusing on specific key words and specifically targeted geographical regions. This gives tremendous control, avoids wastage and gives a greater ROI - return on investment.
JSP Media will use a number of research tools to determine and optimise the best method to generate traffic to your website, consistently monitored to provide the best results for you.

Pay Per Click Advertising
With conventional advertising you pay for your advertisement to appear in your target newspaper or magazine, the cost is based upon the circulation and you pay regardless of the number of readers that take a look at your advertisement.


Pay per click advertising on the internet is different – this on-line advertisement will have links directly to your website but regardless of the number of you views you are only charged when someone clicks the advertisement and is diverted to your web page.
JSP Media will carefully produce an advertisement and advertising strategy for you which considers product groups and services that you wish to promote linking them directly to specific pages within your website.


Pay per Click campaigns are ideal to target specific targeted audiences – can be up and running within 48 hours and can reduce costs as you only pay when a viewer clicks on your ad.

JSP Media Pay Per Click Advertising Campaigns provide you with:


  • Professional Managed pay per click advertising
  • Recommendations on the right networks for your business
  • Detailed individually written advertisements
  • Full bid management service to ensure the most cost effective positions

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