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E-commerce has been growing at an incredibly fast rate, major high street retailers have the advantage of already being known as a trusted brand but that really does not stop the small business from joining the e-commerce revolution and becoming a significant internet retailer. 

Selling on-line, e-commerce has some solid advantages; it is able to offer lower prices, a much broader audience well beyond traditional boundaries that have restricted the small business and an accuracy of price and content that no other advertising has been able to offer.

E-commerce in the UK is forecast to reach some £27 billion in 2014 but although the under 25’s have embraced internet shopping for its immediacy, it is the over 25’s in the 25 to 44 year old group that have become the most significant target of internet retailers.
The use of e-commerce on-line shopping has become widespread in many market sectors and there is evidence that it is now established as an integral element for both business and customers shopping methods. Many high street retailers now provide multichannel shopping experiences for their clients.

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